Rattan Lottery Agency is in the business of providing secure lottery of Punjab State Lottery.It has two Lottery system Bumper Prizes & Monthly Prizes .The biggest jackpot hit from the Punjab State Lottery is of Bumper Jackpot , amounting Rs. 2.00 crore .distributed over prize money. Rattan Lottery Agency are automated and legal, assuring each player of a fair playing lottery . The hassle-free and transparent system is the significant feature that distinguishes Rattan Lottery from the rest.

Customer Focus
We consider our lottery players, retailers and distributors as our customers..

To the lottery players we will provide exciting and healthy entertainment by introducing new Lottery , and convenience by creating a network of terminals at strategic locations.

To the retailers and distributors, we shall provide the necessary support to earn their loyalty and improve their earnings capacity.

Team Work
We are a part of the ‘Punjab State Lottery . We believe that with mutual trust, respect and understanding for colleagues across all levels, departments and locations, we would be able to create a happy and healthy work culture.

Being responsive to the needs and requirements of others.
Open and clear communication

We see integrity at the core of our dealing with all our stakeholders. We are committed to

Adhering to commitments made to retailers, distributors and suppliers
Following the set systems, processes and policies in letter and spirit for a smooth functioning of the organization